Wicked Kickin Savory Cheesecake: About Us background

About Us

Standard Times PictureWicked Kickin’ Savory Cheesecakes originally began as a fundraiser. We had been struggling financially when our son was invited to join a student delegation to China . We committed to help him reach his fundraising goal for his trip and started making savory cheesecakes for our friends and family as a way to raise money.The response from our community was so positive that our fundraiser blossomed into a family business. First we operated as an internet business only and then opened our shop in New Bedford in November, 2011.  Even though it is very challenging at times, it has brought our family closer together.

These cheesecakes are appetizer/ dinner cheesecakes, not for dessert. Savory means not sweet. Our recipes reflect our tastes in a variety of foods. They also reflect our personalities and our love for the area in which we live, as is demonstrated in their names. We’ve named each cheesecake after a person or place of interest in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We hope that our savory cheesecakes bring enjoyment to you as well. They are all made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. They are gluten free and wicked yummy! We think they are perfect as a meal with a side salad or soup or as party food served with crackers, bread or fruit.

Wicked Kickin’ Savory Cheesecakes… because dinner should always come before dessert! We think our savory cheesecakes are wicked kickin’ and we’re sure you’ll agree! Savor every bite!!!