Let's face it-there's never a wrong time to eat cheesecake. But you can make any event extra special with a seasonal cheesecake from Wicked Kickin' Savory Cheesecakes in Westport, MA. We have a rotating list of flavors for every season. You can also impress your super bowl party guests with a flavorful sweet cheesecake, savory cheesecake, or a delicious and unique cheesecake spread. Place your order today.

Try one of our seasonal flavors

You can savor the unique flavors of our cheesecakes year-round by ordering a delicious seasonal cheesecake from our shop in Westport, MA. Check out some of our popular seasonal flavors:

  • The Wicked Kicken
  • The Patriot 
  • The Fiesta
  • Baked Rice Pudding

Ordering a delicious cheesecake is the perfect way to build excitement for your Super Bowl Party. Save time by serving a Wicked Kickin' savory cheesecake. Sports fans will soon be a fan of our cheesecakes or cheesecake spreads. We also take custom cheesecake orders. Call today to learn more.